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Hire Better: An Interview with The Resumator’s Don Charlton

  9 years and 2 months ago 24 Jul 2009 AlphaLab; Company Profiles; Interviews;

When I was hiring a developer and a couple of interns last year, we received well over 100 resumes. Each of came in via email, and our workflow was basically to forward the resume to the rest of the team and then start a thread with our comments on each one. Needless to say, it quickly got unwieldy. 

It’s a problem that Don Charlton also recognized. As Don explained, “I have done hiring and we always used email. Resumes came to me in email, and I had to print and organize them. I hated it.” People used email to manage the process, he reasoned, only because nothing better existed. Don was determined to find that better way and set out to take the pain and paper out of resume management.

And thus, The Resumator was born.

I first came across The Resumator through TheFunded’s Founder Institute which we (Notches) are participating in. The Resumator partnered with TheFunded to offer six months free to program participants, and has since struck a similar sponsorship deal with TechStars. The Resumator was also a member of AlphaLab’s second class in the Winter/Spring 2009 class so Don appreciates the value of such incubators. “Knowing The Resumator owes much of its success to the great mentorship I received during AlphaLab, I made it my mission to reach out to other startup programs and offer our services.”

I was completely shocked to find out that Don built and designed the initial product entirely himself. Not only that, but he went live with his product on the first day of the AlphaLab program. Participating in the program, he said, was an opportunity to secure seed financing but more importantly to get advice from the best minds in the city and gain attention locally.

Don said his 10 years of experience in the design and marketing industry were invaluable in building his own business. “In that industry, you’re basically helping businesses solve business problems,” and as a result he learned the importance of interface and website copy to convert visitors to customers.

In part because of the low expenses afforded by the Pittsburgh area, The Resumator was cash flow positive after only one month, and still has a reasonable amount left from the $25,000 raised through Innovation Works. It helps, he says, that the business has a “East Coast mentality”, focusing on revenue over traffic.

Don’s goals now are to get more attention beyond the Pittsburgh area and further grow the team. To that end, he is considering raising an angel round of around $100,000. He intends to use this on a business development resource, contract with developers for enhancement to the site, and focus on marketing and awareness.

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