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What Pittsburgh Shares with Silicon Valley: A Strong Sense of Community 8 years and 9 months ago

I’ve talked a lot about why I think Pittsburgh is well situated to be a strong entrepreneurial hub, but I think I may have spent too much time talking about how Pittsburgh is different from Silicon Valley and not enough time talking about how it is similar. [more]

NavPrescience: Making your GPS a bit smarter about 9 years ago

CEO Brian Ziebart presented NavPrescience, a CMU spin-off. NavPrescience is taking navigation to the next level by predicting and personalizing your routes. Their technology has roots in training automated military vehicles, and they eventually hope to “be the Intel Inside of GPS systems”. [more]

LeftRight Studios: A Branded Gaming Network about 9 years ago

Geraldine Yong presented LeftRight Studios, which falls into the category of advergaming and are building a network where brands can engage consumers in a more meaningful and engaging way. Their first game, SmackBots, broke into the top 100 for action and kids games and they launched their second game, Katch-Up, at Demo Day. [more]

Fooala: Facebook Connect meets OpenTable about 9 years ago

The best way I can describe Fooala is Facebook Connect meets OpenTable. They have built an open online ordering process where the order can happen contextually [more]

CloudFab: Physical customization as a service about 9 years ago

AlphaLab Demo Day coverage (Summer/Fall 2009) about 9 years ago

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